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Often described as the 'real deal', every Porchlight Smoker show is different and no song is ever performed quite the same way twice. They play a varied and at times virtuoso repertoire that mixes self-penned works with covers made very much their own. A range of instruments, including banjo, guitar, lapsteel, stand-up bass and mandolin, even clarinet, accompany the band's trademark four-part vocal harmonies. Based in the south-east, Porchlight Smoker started out as a duo in 2006 and since have expanded into the four-piece band that today play across the UK.

Porchlight Smoker 

Scott Smith – Guitar, lapsteel, banjo, harmonica, mandolin,  clarinet and vocal

Steve Bell – Banjo, guitar, harmonica, mandolin and vocal

Fred Gregory – Guitar, mandolin and vocal

Scott Warman – Stand-up bass and vocal


Guest Musicians

Tim Cotterell – Fiddle                        

Theseus Gerrard – Percussion

Brian Powell – Guitar

Clare Nicolas – Accordion