‘A timeless record, fusing elements of folk, bluegrass and country. Not every day you hear so many instruments played – guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass, sparse percussion and even a jew’s harp. Lots of strings. I like that' Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

'Conjures some of the outlaw spirit of Steve Earle... steeped in classic imagery... anyone with a passing interest in roots music will understand, appreciate and enjoy'

Jeremy Verrall, Fatea Magazine

'Bluegrass of the highest calibre, with soaring harmonies and foot-stomping rhythm' Americana UK

'Absolutely great stuff; I love this band, a great mix of folk, bluegrass and country' Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Bristol

'Porchlight Smoker are a lovely band'

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

'Really beautiful four-part harmonies.
Lovely sound, really evocative, kind of puts me on the front porch back home in Tennessee.
Can’t wait to hear more from them'

Baylen Leonard, The Front Porch, Amazing Radio

‘Laced with splendid musicianship, pleasing harmonies, enchanting stories and beautiful compositions, Porchlight Smoker 2 is a gem’ Maverick Magazine

'Absolutely superb, a great album!' 
Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk

'The packed crowd enjoyed two long sets and wanted more. The Porchies have graced Bob Harris’s BBC Radio 2 Country Show, but live they serve up more than pure country and bluegrass. The best moments were the band’s own compositions with Fred Gregory's

'Man In A Boat' outstanding'

Brighton Evening Argus

‘We saw an absolutely knock-out set from 
these guys recently, best live gig we've had this year. Their passion and enthusiasm was infectious’ BrightonAcoustic.com

'Masters of the banjo, guitar, lap-steel, stand-up bass, mandolin and, yes, clarinet combined with their trademark vocal harmonies' Maverick Festival

'To describe this Sussex-based four piece as just a bluegrass band would be doing them a major disservice, as their own mash up of mainly American styles with a distinctly British undercurrent, is very much their own. Multi-instrumentalists, soaring four-way harmonies, and a rail-road worn doghouse bass means that these boys are guaranteed to send you home with a smile on your face!'

Square Roots Promotions

'I just thought,  wow, amazing, this is great stuff' 

Dave Cash, BBC Radio Kent

'An album of high-quality roots music that contains a blend of edgy country and British folk, played by a tremendously talented four piece band with excellent vocals and harmonies that few can match'

American Roots UK

'Porchlight Smoker rock in a 1929 Blue Ridge mountain folk way. They have become one of my favourites' Bob's Folk Show


Portsmouth News